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Bridal: Nightsuits

Perfect Indian-bridal nightwear can be a challenge to find with rather minimum options available. BUT, look no further because we got your back! 

Us girls are multi faceted species – fashionista, chic, tom-boy-ish, earthy, classic, eclectic, conventional. Wowza! Either way, there’s one common goal! Destroy Men!

No just kidding :) feel good ourselves and delight our loved one!

We all have expectations of how things ought to be during the festivities leading to big day. In all that planning, how much thought is really given to nightwear? Ladies, your first night is crucial! Give it the importance it desrves! It's the best time to set the mood for how you want your better half to see you for life and After Dark prides itself in offering unique nightwear for your wedding and honeymoon/trousseau.

Unique how? By breaking stereotypes! Stereotypes of believing how girls "should" look and dress in a general sense and surprisingly, the overall attitude towards bridal nightwear. A look through our collection and our styles expresses our confidence in what we do.

Whether you like to dress skimpy or modest; perhaps you are dainty, perhaps you are bold and sporty; you may be full bodied and voluptuous or slender and petite – no matter what, you are sexy. And without doubt, After Dark has the perfect bridal nighty and all nightwear for you to honeymoon.

We have a wide range of trendy Pyjama pants and shorts sets, nightshirts and more, to set the mood. They work a magical charm - rumor has it and so we heard :) Select a traditional bridal nighty / nightgown set or something unconventional – your choice!

Our webstore allows multiple purchases and returns to give you the comfort of trying on our styles at your home, so go ahead and order as many!

We do however work on prior appointments, where brides are welcome to come over for fittings. We also recommend visits for those looking to explore our offline collections. 

Call us on +91 9654631976 to fix an appointment – we’re excited to hear from you!

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