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Unconventional & Beautiful

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Us girls are a multi faceted species – fashionista, chic, tom-boy-ish, earthy, classic, eclectic, conventional. Wowza! Either way, there’s one common goal! Destroy Men!

No just kidding :) feel good ourselves and delight our loved one!

The best thing about our collection is that we thoroughly enjoy breaking stereotypes!
Whether you like to dress skimpy or modest; perhaps you are dainty, perhaps you are bold and sporty; you may be full bodied and voluptuous or slender and petite – no matter what, you are Sexy. And After Dark has lots for you.

We have a wide range of trendy Pyjama pants and shorts sets, nightshirts and more, to set the mood. They work a magical charm - rumor has it and so we heard :) 

Worry not about shape or size; we are here to ensure that you feel fabulous after dark!
So enjoy shopping with us and please drop us a text if there's anything on your mind!



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